If your house/apartment was on fire¬†right now ūüĒ•¬†and¬†you only had 60 seconds to grab the most important things in your life, what would they be? Maybe your list of priorities would look something like:

  • Loved ones and pets (The relationships that keep us whole)
  • Wallet and important papers (Our identity and how we move through the world)
  • Photos, heirlooms, and irreplaceable objects (The memories that fill our life)
  • Phone and laptop¬†(The tools we use to connect)

If we play with this idea for a moment, it’s easy to identify the most important elements in our lives. Yet why do so many of us spend the majority of our time, energy, and attention on acquiring those things we’re likely to let burn in the fire?

What good is wealth if we have to sacrifice our personal relationships to acquire it? Who cares if we’re¬†successful if we can’t allow ourselves to been fully seen by those who matter the most? What’s the point of working so damn hard if we’re unable to be present for the memories, moments, and connections that define our lives?

Own Your Truth¬†Coaching¬†is about identifying what’s most important to you, and¬†why.¬†It’s about directing your¬†time, energy,¬†and¬†attention¬†towards the right goals, and objectives, and remaining grounded in your truth as you achieve them. It’s about finding the balance that brings you peace, purpose, and fulfillment. Above all, it’s about connecting with another human being to unload those thoughts, questions, or fears that may be holding you back.

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