Are you living your purpose?

INHERENT STRENGTHS: (The things we’re inherently good at, and may have nothing to do with what we studied in school. These are the qualities and attributes that can be the foundation of our purpose)

BRAIN STATIC: (All the shit that’s on our brain, or running in the “background” like too many apps open on an Iphone)

HUMAN BATTERY: (The things we do to recharge ourselves: movement, mindfulness, sleep, play, stillness, nourishment, or anything that makes us lose track of time, and brings us into the present moment)

GROWTH: (The hard stuff we avoid, don’t want to do, fear, struggle with, or hate the idea of, but know that if we did them, we could fully experience life)

CONNECTIONS: (The relationships and friendships in our life that we rely on, the ones that fill us up, we can’t live without, and are willing to spend the time to strengthen)