Ase Wang’s career in entertainment began when she was 15, after landing a lead role in the popular Singaporean TV Series “SPIN”…best described as the Asian Equivalent of Beverly Hills 90210. Since then, she has starred in over 30 commercials worldwide, is a Brand Ambassador and spokesperson for Nike, and has graced the covers of over twenty International magazines including: FHM, Nylon, Seventeen, and New Woman. In addition to her twenty years of experience in the entertainment, and fashion industry, Ase is the founder of BOX HIIT, a chain of successful gyms in Thailand that integrates boxing with High Intensity Interval Training. She is also an investor in three “Never Say Cutz” barbershop locations across Thailand, and will soon be launching her own line of streetwear.

With no high school degree, or college diploma, Ase has forged her own path by listening, observing, and jumping head first into the challenges that would define her success as an actress, model, and entrepreneur.

In this episode we talk about how to find that balance in business, and in life, the benefits of meditation, how to live without regret, and the courage required to let go of those thoughts, and behaviors that hold us back.

Thank you for listening to Episode 5. with the seasoned entrepreneur, natural born leader, and game changer, Ase Wang.

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