Dr. Andra Brosh is a licensed clinical psychologist, a board certified holistic nutritionist, and the founder of Psyche & Salt..an integrative psychology practice that bridges the gap between traditional psychotherapy and western medicine.

If you have never experienced therapy, or have a preconceived notion about what it is, this interview will open your eyes, and leave you with a deeper understanding of what prevents people from reaching out for support, and the impact that: fear, guilt, shame, and vulnerability can have on our long term growth and healing.

One of the biggest reasons I love doing this podcast is because it provides opportunities for genuine human connection. On this particularly rainy day in Pasadena, I had an amazing chat with an inspirational human being, who stands completely within her own life story, and owns every moment.

We explore divorce, family, burn-out, and how we can turn life’s challenging transitions into opportunities for emotional and physical change. Hope you enjoy Episode 8. with the Leader, Listener, and Facilitator of Growth…Dr. Andra Brosh…

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