Fear absolutely has a place, and purpose in our lives, and there will definitely be those moments when our brains signal fear in order to protect us from bodily harm, death, or being arrested.

But what about those pivotal moments in life, and those difficult decisions that keep us up at night, wondering, thinking about, or questioning our next move?

-Like that moment when we had to decide whether or not to leave that toxic work environment.

-The relationship we were about to end or begin.

-That person we may have to cut out of our life to prevent our human battery from being drained.

-Or that painfully awkward conversation we need to have in order to establish healthy boundaries.

The human brain really likes the known, it enjoys the comfortable, steady, and predictable patterns of life because that’s where we’re most likely to not get eaten by a saber toothed tiger.

These days there’s a number of different animals out there trying to theoretically kill us like the fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of vulnerability, and the fear of being seen…and I mean REALLY being seen by another human being.

Something I learned about my own fear was how seamlessly it was manifesting in literally every corner of my life: in my marriage, as a father, at work, creatively, within friendships, and even in planning for my own future.

I started to notice trends of self sabotaging behavior, and unnecessary LEVEL 10 responses to Life’s LEVEL 1 problems, and subconsciously devaluing my own self worth in order to keep my dreams, and my life small, and contained within my comfort zone.

But this seemingly natural, and habitual response within me was not the truth of who I was. The truth has a different frequency all together, and it’s always there, beneath the noise, waiting to be heard.

The truth is like a younger sibling who stands beside you in those first few moments before a a school yard fight breaks out. Like a silent reminder that you’re being watched, and that there are bigger things at stake than just your ego, and your reputation.

It’s that simple, honest voice, that quietly battles with the “anger of the moment” and usually always takes second place.

Our truth is the undying, genuine, silent, and frequently annoying invitation to answer the call of our highest selves, to ignore the easy, and embrace the uncomfortable (and often painful journey) of personal growth.

The truth about fear, is that most of us are afraid of sharing too much, or loving too deeply, or trusting too quickly, and if you’ve reached the point where you’re:

-Afraid to start that business
-Tell that person how you feel
-Or finally make that change

I’ll save you the suspense, the answer is YES., the correct response is DO IT NOW, and the only question you have to ask yourself is: “If not NOW, then when?”

Because in life, there is no such thing as the perfect time, the ideal moment, or the right situation. Action is the solution, and in many ways our only effective inoculation against the paralysis of fear.

Listen to Ep. 18 “Fear is Loud, The Truth is Quiet”