“Never apologize for your voice and never apologize for your story. We all have stories and our stories matter, and they need to be shared with the world because this is how we change the world.”

– Kelly Lynch

By owning her truth as a domestic violence survivor, therapist, coach, and mom, Kelly Lynch has cultivated a safe space for women to own the identities they can be proud of, and to stop apologizing for not living up to the stories that were never meant for them.

In 2014, she walked out of an abusive marriage with a suitcase in one arm and her daughter in another. Her courageous journey of self-discovery and growth is a reminder to all of us that it’s ok to fall to pieces in order to rebuild our lives.

This episode is about the valuable lessons we can find within life’s darkest moments and the impact we can make when we have the courage to speak up and own our story.

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