If you haven’t listened to Part 1 of my interview with Eve Sturges, I highly recommend you go back and listen to Ep. 42 “The Layers of Our Identity” to get fully immersed in what you’re about to hear.

So, Imagine waking up one day, going about your usual routine, and receiving a phone call from a complete stranger who claims that he is your biological father. This is exactly what happened to Eve Sturges and it was the moment her entire world was turned upside down.

During my chat with Eve, I was fascinated to learn that these moments are not rare occurrences, and as the host of the Everything’s Relative podcast, Eve’s mission is to highlight the “DNA Discovery” stories of others and change the conversation around secrets, shame, family, and identity.

As a host, this was such an incredible experience for me, as I had the opportunity to not only explore my own unconscious bias but also some of the blindspots that have prevented me from understanding the experience of others.

This interview is a raw, honest, and vulnerable discussion about family, identity, race, and the unexpected moments that can reshape our lives

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