WHAT WILL MY FRIENDS THINK? Will i make enough money? will my parents be proud of me?

These are the Top 3 concerns of the young adults I work with who are preparing to launch into “the real world” amidst an ocean of expectations, pressure, and social media noise.

But what if we could remove the noise and build our lives on a foundation of truth, and inherent strength?

Meaningful Work is a specialized coaching program designed to provide young adults and recent graduates with the tools they need to:

  • Discover and honor their inherent strengths, and authentically communicate the value they provide
  • Leverage their time, energy, and attention to build the life, career, or business they envision
  • Master the uncomfortable conversations required for personal and professional growth

let’s build some momentum together

Whether you’re a recent grad, in career transition, or a parent who’d like to learn more about the Meaningful Work program, let’s chat. I can help: