If you have a podcast or are thinking about starting one, these are the tools, gadgets, and resources I absolutely CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT. These have all helped me to streamline my workflow, optimize marketing efforts, and keep things as cost effective, and efficient as possible so I can focus on creating more content:


This is the service I use to turn my episode clips, into shareable video highlights for Instagram & Facebook. This has been a great way to offer the listeners a sample of the content, and give them a good idea of what the episodes about before they commit to listening to a full episode. 

Get Wavve


Honestly, I don’t know a damn thing about html, web design, or SEO, but WordPress just makes the process of building, and customizing your website so easy, that I can’t imagine using another service. For my site, I run the Hammer Theme which is a super easy to navigate template for both desktop, and mobile, and is perfect for displaying all the podcast content, and episode links. 



I have used Cast for five remote interviews so far, and absolutely love it. The sound quality is consistently good, and the interface for the host and guest is very easy to use. I’ve never had a dropped interview, technical issue, or problem with Cast, and the customer service is top notch. 

Screenshot 2019-02-22 11.55.18.png


Canva is what I use to create the background designs for my social media promo videos. Just pick the dimensions you want to use (IG Story, Post, FB Cover, etc.) Choose your template, upload your content and you’re good to go. *NOTE: Canva images/backgrounds upload seamlessly into Wavve, and fit perfectly into whatever social format you need. 


Echo Remover

I discovered this magical plug-in after some deep google searching, forum reading, and research, and have to say…Echo Remover by CrumplePop is an absolute game changer! I use GarageBand for all of my recordings, and this plug-in just loads right up, and makes it incredibly easy to clean up any echo you hear in the background. Also checkout AudioDenoise by CrumplePop, another incredible plug-in that literally removed the sound of rainfall in one of my interviews. 

echo remover.png


Toggl is a free time tracking tool that I use everyday to track where my time goes, and how I can improve my workflow. Being able to see a summary each week of which tasks  take up the most time, has helped me to refine, and tighten up my content creation, production, editing time, etc. Love this app!